Please use the following form to register your Early Response Team or to register yourself as an individual available to work with a team.  Please provide as much info as you know at this time.  Once completed, we will follow up with you to determine housing and our capacity for volunteers during the calendar dates you have requested. Please try and check with us about potential dates before you set them with your teams. 

ERTs are expected to comply with the Rio Texas Conference Trusted con Confianza policy for work with children, youth and vulnerable adults.  The current conference policy calls for at least two unrelated members of each team to be fully "Trusted" certified for any team of less that 16 members.  For each additional 8 team members, one more team member must be "Trusted" certified.  Additionally, each team member must have a current background check (which is covered if their ERT badge is up-to-date).  For teams outside the Rio Texas Conference, we will work with you to ensure that your team is compliant with our "Trusted" Policy