Register for VIM Leadership Training!

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission (UMVIM) is a grassroots movement to help team demonstrate Christian Love in Action in partnership with communities in need. The key word is “WITH”.

We are all called to serve our fellow man. But how? The UMVIM Team Leader training event is the start of a lifestyle whereby Christians, both lay and clergy, may offer their skills and talents for Christian service at home and around the world on short-term assignments. This event provides the theological foundation for missional living while learning the skills to partner and be culturally sensitive to the needs of those we serve. This work includes construction and renewing of mission facilities, teaching, witnessing, conducting medical clinics, conducting Bible study or Bible School for children, and serving in disaster relief efforts around the world.

Once the UMC members of the Coastal Bend / Crossroads districts complete the relief phase of Harvey disaster recovery – we are all going to enter into a “long-term recovery” period. The Early Response Teams are a special type of VIM team whose primary mission is to provide a “Christian presence of love” during the times of relief.  

UMVIM training will be vital for the long road of long-term recovery.

VIM teams are special because they enter into partnership and commitment with communities whose lives are not back to normal; they demonstrate “Love in Action” by working with communities so they can become self-sufficient and return to a right relationship with God. VIM teams bring the light back into the lives of those in need through their actions. VIM Team Leader training provides the foundations to strengthen and prepare those who hear the call to serve their fellow man.

For those of you not able to put your feet on the ground in the first initial stages of this disaster in the Coastal Bend, we are having a UMVIM Team Leader Training to prepare teams to go into these same areas in two to three months for up to at least two years in the future.

The $30 cost for training includes instruction, training materials(PDF), the book "A MISSION JOURNEY", VIM leadership manual (PDF), a love offering to the hosting church, and lunch/snacks. Please pay on the day of the training. Nobody will be denied the training because they cannot afford the registration fee.

Register for VIM Leadership Training!