ERT Callout - Saipan

Did You Hear About This One?


Super-Typhoon Yutu hit Saipan in October
with 178 MPH winds. 


They are ready for ERTs to help out.  Here is the invitation form the Cal/Pac Conference Disaster Response Coordinator:

Subject: IT'S TIME----Saipan

Despite the kerfuffle about the Bishop's letter being released a little early, it is NOW TIME.

Have your people who are interested in working in Saipan for 2 week deployments (plus travel days--closer to 3 week commitment) contact our "lead", Kathy Bryson, or they can write to me. Either way, we will get them the application and start the process.  At this time, the Invitational ends April 26th, but with the late start, it is most probable it will be extended, perhaps even up to a year. Right now we are mainly looking for those interested in serving this spring, but certainly we can keep a waiting list depending on FEMA's situation.

We prefer current Early Response Team trained, current background check, current immunizations
Building experience is desired, especially ability to do ladder work since we are focusing on roofing
Healthy enough to stand full work days and survive in the heat and humidity with a good sense of humor!
Accommodation will be provided; meals will be taken at local businesses to support the economy (no cooking); and understanding that conditions may seem a bit primitive...

Please remember that we will be under the direction of FEMA and as such accept their leadership. Each team will have a designated UMCOR team leader. It is anticipated that a local person will be the project/construction manager.

We are ready for this opportunity to be posted on conference and jurisdiction websites, etc. If you have access to Early Response Team emails, please send them the invitation to apply. Thank you all for promoting the Saipan mission opportunity. I will accept phone calls, texts, or emails if people want to know more before putting in an application.

Judy Lewis, Cal-Pac UMVIM/Disaster Response Coordinator
10042 Vernon Ave.
Montclair, CA 91763
Cell: 909-731-8248