ERTs Still Needed to Help

More Teams Needed

Thanks To All Who Have Responded

The needs are still great

Here's an update on the Llano and Colorado River Flooding:

- Teams have been working in Marble Falls and Kingsland, but there is still much to be done in both communities

- Smaller towns and unincorporated parts of Llano County still have lots of needs.  An e-mail received today reads:

"We are about 65% complete with (Damage Assessment)  and have identified over 400 homes that will need assistance, 334 classified as major and 31 destroyed with 30% of the residents not having flood insurance. There is an overwhelming need for help in this community."

We need teams and individuals to come as soon as possible.  If you are not part of a team, we can join you with others to help.  There is lodging in both Marble Falls and Llano if needed.

Meanwhile in Travis County, Lake Travis is still up, but when the water recedes, there will be plenty of work to do there as well.

We have people on the ground ready to coordinate the effort and get you on jobs.

-The need for site assessment is diminishing, now we need teams to muck and gut

- All teams and individuals who are interested in deploying need to register at

- There are some tools available, but if you have them, you can bring basic tools for muck out - Please refer to the list in your ERT manual for the suggested PPE and Tools.
Thanks you for your willingness to serve.
Rio Texas Conference Disaster Response Committee