ERTs Needed To Deploy

Ready for ERTs

Here's an update on the Llano and Colorado River Flooding:
- Marble Falls has had initial assessment done and is ready for ERTs ASAP. 
- We have people on the ground ready to coordinate the effort and get you on jobs.
- We can especially use people as early as tomorrow to do ERT Site Assessment.  If you are able, but need to be trained, go HERE to complete the training - It is free and only takes 30 minutes to complete.
- All teams and individuals who are interested in deploying (whether for site assessment or for mucking out homes) are asked to register at
- The needs in Llano County are unknown at this time, but there will certainly be need for ERTs there in the coming days (probably as early as next week).
- There will also certainly be need for ERTs in Austin (and downstream) in the coming days, as the water moves through Lake Travis and beyond.
- There is housing available for teams in Marble Falls and Llano, if needed.
- Teams should bring basic tools for muck out - Please refer to the list in your ERT manual for the suggested PPE and Tools.

For those interested, there is an ERT Basic Course scheduled for this Saturday, October 20 in San Antonio.  Send people who are interested HERE to register.  
Thanks you for your willingness to serve.
Rio Texas Conference Disaster Response Committee