Recertification of ERT Credentials

This ERT Recertification process is for those previously trained.  If you have never been trained, but would like to please click HERE

The following policies are established by the Disaster Response Committee of the Rio Texas Conference.  

All Early Response Team Members must be recertified every three years.  This requirement is based primarily on the 3 year limit on background checks, but also helps us to keep ERTs up to date with the most current information available. 

There are two primary ways to recertify your initial ERT certification:

  1. Complete the online recertification course

  2. Complete the full 8 hour ERT course again

All ERT badges are issued by UMCOR. 

The cost of recertification is $30.

This cost includes:

  • Rio Texas Conference Early Response Team (ERT) T-shirt

  • UMCOR Background check

  • Identification Badge

  • Training Resources Manual (downloaded pdf version for the online course)